Saturday, September 15, 2012

Owl Pillow/Stuffed Animal

Isn't this little gal just cute to boot? I made this girl within two days. Mind you I have a nine month old crawling around me, a full time job, and a husband screaming at the TV ( It's football season), So needless to say in real ppl time I would venture 3 hours time. I started with a big piece of cardboard, and made the shape ( you only have to make half the shape, because you can trace half, and then flip it over to trace the other half that way the sides match up), you can make yours fat or skinny, tall, or short, the sky is your limit!!! Then find some fabric to make your owl. I found mine at the clearance aisle at JOANN'S I bought 1 yard, because I will find something to do with the rest of the fabric...feel free to take your owl shape in, the people are always so helpful!!! If they are a crafter they love to answer questions...I know I do!

This is my left over stuff because I didn't think to add a tutorial until after I was done with the project. Don't you just love that lol? List of items needed

1.      Enough fabric for your owl (remember you need two cut outs)

2.      Felt I used four colors Pink, Purple, Brown, and Black (I wish I had bought yellow, but I forgot, so I used yellow fabric I had on hand), I only bought one sheet of each.

3.      Floss, I don't know if that’s what crafters call it? It is the string that is in the little packets I have a bunch that I bought in a big bag at goodwill, but if you want you can just buy one in white or black, maybe even brown. Because I have so many colors I used colors that POP, On the pink felt I used Purple, on the Purple I used pink, and so on.....

4.      Needle

5.      Sewing machine

6.      Matching thread

7.      Pillow stuffing

8.      Circular items to measure the eyes
9.      Scissors

So you start by tracing your owl with the cardboard, and then cut it. After both owl shapes are cut out you put the pretty sides facing together, pin them together sew them together leaving a quarter in seam allowance, I used a sewing machine, but you can use a string and needle if you would like. Do not sew the butt. Leave a BIG hole so that you can turn it inside out and hand stitch on the inside. After you are done with that turn it right side out. Make sure to poke the ears out (a chopstick can help). I then cut the felt, do a big U for the chest with the black felt, and I made 9 "feathers" for her chest. For the feathers I once again used cardboard, and made a cut out, then traced 9 on the brown felt, and cut it out. for the eyes I wanted them to be perfect so here is what I used.

Three different circle shapes that can go inside each other after being cut. I know not all of you have all of these, but use your imagination, and find things in your house to trace. After tracing two of the big one in the brown, two of the middle in the purple, and two of the small in the pink, you are done with circles!!!! I then just cut out a small triangle for the beak. Now begins the fun part hand stitching to make it look pretty. This is where all the floss comes in handy!!! I started with the eyes and worked from smallest to biggest. As you can see I used bigger stitches to show off that it is hand stitched. I only used two strings from the floss at a time.


After I did the eyes I then did the feathers on the chest. I pinned them where I wanted them and proceeded to hand stitch them. After I was done with that I pinned the chest and eyes where I wanted them on the body, then had stitched them to the owl, Remember you can use whatever colors of floss you like! After those were all secured, and on the owl you can pin the beak on, and hand stich it!!! Next add pillow stuffing I didn't add too much because I wanted this to be a pillow on my daughter’s bed. When you are done you can hand stitch the bottom of your owl up...Take a step back and say WHEW that is cute to boot!

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