Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frugally yours

So I love to shop! I love it even more if I get a really good deal! The problem is that sometimes I don’t know if I am actually getting a deal or if I am really being ripped off, or sold something that nobody wants. I love Goodwill, and Value village they have got to be two of my fav places to shop. I know I run a risk shopping there that when I get home my stuff may have a stain, and or a tear, so is it worth it? I love shopping for kid’s toys and clothes because they don’t go out of fashion and even if they have a stain you can still let them wear, and or play with it because they are going to stain it anyways. I wonder should I save, and buy one or two clothing items every once in a while at regular price or should I keep doing what I am doing? I feel as if I can never keep up with the fashion. That I am buying stuff right as it’s going out of style. Is it just me or am I crazy? Maybe it is just taking longer for me to know when something is in fashion. I also feel that when I buy at the cheaper places my stuff just falls apart. I won’t name stores because they are ones we all love to find cheap clothes at, but I wonder would my money be better spent by buying a couple things at full price? And what would I do with all that time that I am normally spending looking for a good deal? Maybe use the things I buy…hmmm now that would be something different. So is saving a couple nickels worth wasting a whole day? You tell me. J

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