Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a little rant

Having a baby and being able to do my makeup the way I like is NEVER going to happen. I love my daughter, and I choose her over makeup ANY day, but geez how come she doesn’t like watching me do my makeup? LOL  I hope it means that she will not like makeup like me, because let’s face it, this is an addiction! Now picture this me with a squirming 5 month old in my lap grabbing the eyeliner out of my hand as I am trying to put it on my face with one very unsteady hand….I will say this much it does not end well. So what have I done to remedy this problem? I have had to learn to say to myself “it’s ok if you don’t have eyeliner, or lipstick! You look fine without your eyebrows drawn on”.  Of course is this every day that I am missing these things that I consider to be a vital part of my face? No, and generally I am only missing one or two, but this is a huge step for a perfectionist!!! I used to be able to sit in front of the mirror for two hours if I wanted, and at times I would be late for work just to have really good makeup! Now it is so different, unless my husband is there to watch her I have to be quick because she does not like sitting by herself, and for some reason she knows that when I get ready I am about to leave her, so she throws fits….grrrr can anything be easy??? I know it will get easier as she gets older, but I think I am fine with learning to take things easy, and to put someone else ahead of myself<3

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